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Infirmier·ère psychiatrique

Définition générale

The psychiatric nurse deals with the care of patients in the field of mental health and psychiatry, including health promotion and long-term patient support. He is authorized to perform or have carried out tasks either on his own initiative as part of his autonomous role, or on medical prescription.

More concretely, the psychiatric nurse provides support and a diagnostic, therapeutic and occupational assistance relationship to people in a state of psychological crisis or with mental health problems.1. In collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, its objective is to promote, maintain or promote the mental health of the person2. The psychiatric nurse ensures a holistic approach that takes into account the psychological, social, economic, cultural and spiritual components of the person being cared for.3. He therefore has in-depth knowledge of psychopathology and treatments and accompaniments specific to mental health and psychiatry.

Rôles et responsabilités

L’infirmier psychiatrique accompagne des personnes de tout âge souffrant de troubles psychologiques ou psychiatriques, de dépendances ou de handicaps psychiques et mentaux.

Son travail consiste majoritairement dans la prise en soins relationnelle de la personne, de son entourage ou d’un groupe de personnes4. Afin de pouvoir construire cette relation de soins avec les personnes concernés, l’infirmier psychiatrique doit faire un travail sur soi et avoir une bonne gestion de ses propres affects.

At the hospital in the psychiatric wards, he accompanies with the interdisciplinary team people with acute mental disorders. Through his constant presence and his competence in clinical observation, he collaborates in the establishment of the diagnosis by the doctor, as well as in the application of medical and psychiatric treatment. In crisis situations and outside of any alternatives within his reach, he may have to resort to restraint or isolation of patients, according to the recommendations in force.

In addition, the psychiatric nurse acts as a relay between the medical profession, the patient and his family. In particular, it informs them about the care provided, the scheduled examinations and the treatments instituted, while checking whether the information has been understood.5.

In the field of psychiatric rehabilitation, it supports people with mental disorders to regain their own autonomy and their place in the community. Thus, the psychiatric nurse ensures to restore the physical and psychological integrity of the individual, to discover and understand his difficulties and to provide him with the means to solve them.6.

The psychiatric nurse not only accompanies the person with a mental disorder to accept his pathology and treatment, but also supports his relatives in understanding the disease, its implications and its daily management.7.

In the field of mental health promotion, it contributes to mental health education8.

Secteurs d'activités

  • The psychiatric nurse practises in:

    Hospital: acute/rehabilitation – open/closed (e.g. psychiatric services, child psychiatry, juvenile, psychogeriatrics, psychiatric emergencies, crisis unit)

  • Care and retirement homes

  • In psycho-social institutions such as day centres, sheltered workshops, support institutes for people suffering from addictions (alcohol, drugs), services accompanying people in great precariousness, parenting support services.

  • In prison in a psychiatric annex

Formation au Luxembourg

Conditions d’accès • BTS soins infirmiers à Luxembourg, Diplôme d’infirmier responsable de soins généraux, Diplôme d’état infirmier ou tout autre titre professionnel d’infirmier reconnu équivalent (*reconnaissance de 60 ECTS qui permet l'accès en deuxième année du Bachelor) • Certificat B2 en français et en allemand

Le déroulement de la formation